Serving the community for over 25 years. Appearance matters, and DM Cleaning cares about the appearance of your facility. When your clients walk through your doors, you want them to enter a facility that is fresh, clean, and sanitary. Your space may be their first impression, and you want it to project a crisp, healthy image of professional competence.

DM Cleaning trains every team member to help you create that first impression and make it a lasting one. Our professional cleaning teams work to exacting standards. Our managers inspect their work and keep you in the loop with matters regarding your facility. Our well-honed quality assurance practices, management follow-through, and trained staff focus on your facility, so you can focus on your business.

DM Cleaning understands the cleaning challenges that office and property managers face today. We have created a program that addresses all of your cleaning concerns. Our goal is to allow you to focus your time and energy on you and what you do best, while we do the same.


When you need an experienced carpet cleaner, rely on DM Cleaning

1. What type of equipment do you use?
2. What types of cleaning products do you use?
3. Is it true you will honor any valid competitor's price?
4. Will all the stains be removed?
5. How often should my carpets be cleaned?
6. Will Too Much Carpet Cleaning Wear Down My Carpets?
7. How do I know it's time for a carpet cleaning?
8. How long will it take to clean my carpets?
9. Do you move furniture?
10. How long will it take for carpets to dry?
11. What method of carpet cleaning does your company use?
12. What guarantees do you offer?
13. What other services do you provide?
14. Do I really get a lifetime supply of carpet & rug spotter?
15. Are you insured and bonded?
16. To prevent fires, how often should my dryer vent be cleaned?
17. What cities/towns do you service?
18. Do I need to be home while you clean my carpets?
19. I have seen ads for the "Dry Clean" method. Is that a good method to use?
20. What can I do to prepare before my cleaning technician arrives?
21. What are the benefits of having my carpets Green Cleaned?
22. Why should we choose you as our carpet area rugs and upholstery cleaning professional?
23. Do you have any references and/or testimonials from past clients?
24. What brand of carpet protector do you use and why?
25. Will the backing of my carpet get wet during cleaning?
26. What are the dark lines around the edge of my walls and on stairs?
27. I have heard that if you have allergies you should remove all carpeting? Is that true?
28. SCAM ALERT $9.95 per room or the whole house for $99.00 coupons. Are they the real deal? You Decide